When looking into getting custom socks made, you should know what model you need as several models are available, which can be used for various activities. While socks can be customized to be as high as you want them to be, here are the 4 most common models:

  • No-show socks are the shortest and, as their name suggest, these are socks that shouldn’t been seen. They usually stop at the level of the ankle so that they remain covered by the shoe. They can be used for running and to go the gym but not for activities where your ankle/leg might get hit (think football, rugby).
  • Ankle socks are a bit higher, around 2.5 inches high, covering the ankle and being used in sports such as cycling and basketball. The ankle part of the sock is big enough to have some manufacturer feature some custom design or name.
  • Quarter socks are higher than ankle socks but lower than crew socks. They are not as popular as other models and are used for sports and everyday wear.
  • Crew socks are mid-calf, around 6.5 inches high and are used for practicing sports such as tennis. They are also often considered as workplace socks. Because they are quite high, they offer more than enough space to put some design or lettering.
  • Knee-high socks are around 13 inches high, stopping right below the knee – see knee-high sock model example here. They can be used for rough sports such as rugby and football but also to make a fashion statement, particularly among rock/punk/goth teenage girls. Please note that they are sometimes wrongly referred to as tube socks, which are a higher and rarer model.
  • Over-the-knee socks go slightly above knee-highs.
  • Thigh-high tube socks go above the knee and are the highest model.

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