One of the most important choices our customers have to make when ordering custom socks is whether their sock designs should be knitted or printed. While both models have their pros and cons, in the end it all depends on the custom designs. Before, we get started, they are both available in a wide variety of sock lengths and made in our exclusive moisture control blend.


A printed sock is a white sock which is customized using sublimation printing which includes both the color of the sock and designs. This means that if you want a blue sock, the entire white sock will need to be covered with blue sublimation ink + your design. On the other hand, knitted socks are fully created with a knitting machine using yarns in appropriate colors and precision needles. As a result the entire design is woven into the sock while printed models only feature designs on the surface of the sock.


There are major differences between printed and knitted sock styles. They both have their own benefits and disadvantages.

With printing, you can reproduce a design as is: customization options are endless including complex patterns, an illimited number of colors, allowing you to create unique designs such as drawings, pictures and pretty much whatever your design team comes up with. The drawback is that if you look at the printed model above, you will notice white lines on the part of the sock that is stretched around the heel. As mentioned earlier this is due to the fact that designs are printed on the surface of white socks.

When it comes to knitted designs, there are limitations. First it isn’t as precise as printing, as designs are knitted in tiny pixelized patterns (see how different the logos are on the picture). Your text and company logo should be thick enough to look readable with clean lines from a distance. Also, with knitted designs, everything has be in solid colors so you can’t have shades. However, because everything is knitted, when the sock stretches on your foot and along the leg, colors and designs remain solid as you can see on the picture. In our opinion, this gives knitted models a superior quality feel even if designs are not a sharp. With knitting, you also don’t have to worry about designs fading after multiple washes.


While the final decision is often based on your personal preference, here are recommendations based on years of experience manufacturing logo socks in a wide variety of styles .

Custom knit socks are recommended for:

  • simple design.
  • classic styles such as argyle and custom dress socks.
  • sport performance: great for a school. local or professional sports team, cycling, running as the design will be more resistant.
  • smaller budgets: they are cheaper than printed models.

Custom printed socks are great for:

  • complex or small designs with thin lines, shades, vibrant colors.
  • drawings and pictures – portraits and custom dog socks are all the rage right now.
  • promotional items, special events or a trade show giveaway as they usually feature funky. creative designs.


Knitted socks are about $1 cheaper than printed models, with the entry price for knitted quarter socks at $5.99 for a pair of socks vs, $6.99 for its printed counterpart. In both cases, the minimum order is 120 pairs, all identical, and the lead time is 4 to 5 weeks from the moment the order is placed.


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