Creating your own socks can be a daunting task so here are a few tips to make this process go smoothly and ensure you get great products.

1. Design: this is the most important part and you want to be sure your design is flawless. Look for inspiration in models you like and then brainstorm to make something unique so you can stand out. Do not just create knock-offs as the market is already saturated with cheap copies and you won’t sell anything. When it comes to creating your mockup, you have two options: if you have computer design (photoshop, illustrator) or drawing skills, then do it yourself. If you don’t, hire a designer to make sure it looks professional and don’t do any mickey mouse work yourself as it won’t look good – trust me we’ve seen plenty of bad designs that don’t sell.

2. Manufacturing: There are a lot of so-called custom socks manufacturers out there but most of them will just add your logo to the few pre-made models they have in stock so that they make a big profit margin. If you’re looking into making your own socks, well you need real customization, which is what you will get with us as we will make your socks from scratch just for you and based on your design guidelines.

3. Material: Lots of new clients inquire about cotton because that’s the first thing that comes to mind but you should stay away from this as it shrinks and keeps moisture, which causes blisters and, possibly, injuries. The best material for socks is a blend that can wick the moisture away while being comfortable. At Create Socks, we use our unique signature blend made with 53% ultra-wicking acrylic (protects from blisters), 29% Nylon (increases strength & resistance) and 18% Spandex (superior elasticity) to ensure your socks will be comfortable, resistant, durable while preventing blisters.

4. Sizing: Any sizing should be available whether it’s US or European sizes. Create Socks also offers one-size-fits-all unisex adult models which is an easier and more affordable solution as all you will need is one order rather than ordering for multiple sizing options.

5. Turnaround: The truth is that fast turnaround – think a few days – is only available from the fake custom manufacturers putting your logo on their pre-made models. If you want real customization, this will take more time but you will get a quality product that 100% respects your vision. Create Socks’s guaranteed turnaround is 8 weeks with USPS shipping, which is pretty standard in the industry and the most affordable option shipping with USPS. Express 4-week shipping is available on the case by case basis but it’s way more expensive which is why we always recommend going for standard shipping which is cheaper – in most cases you will get your socks in less than 8 weeks.

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